With PC sales becoming lower each year, more and more mobile users are online via smartphones and tablet devices, designing and creating an enviroment for your website that will respond to their browsing habits is what Nockeye is all about.

Using Responsive Web Design techniques we provides a service that does away with the horrendous way we have to resizing, panning, and scroll. Nockeye builds websites that deliver the best viewing experience across the wide range of devices and OS’s.

As the Mobile and Tablet industry evolves and moves forward, so must your website. Getting your website responsive won’t cost you anything extra with Nockeye as we see it as part and parcel of the way websites need to be built nowadays and ripping you off for something that isn’t extra isn’t what Nockeye is about.

Why Responsive Web Design

The industry is moving away from old school desktops and traditional monitor screen sizes. You need to recognize and adapt to this change as it’s happening today and has been for a few years now, playing catch up later on and missing out on coverage and customers is what it could cost you.

With Responsive Web Design your website will definitely be placed in the best position with future developments of mobile smartphones and tablet devices, with Nockeye you will have a website that eliminates the need for separate sites for different devices, all this without costing the earth.